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River Rafting Rishikesh

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh – Experience wholesome holidays that combine Beach Camping, River Rafting and a host of adventure activities like bungee jumping, kayaking, flying fox, rope hurdles, rock climbing, cliff Jumping, trekking and more amidst natural beauty and splendor at Rishikesh. World’s Yoga Capital -Rishikesh has transformed itself with the advent of Beach Camps, Jungle Camps, Beach Side Resorts and Adventure Groups into a destination that promises best value for your money. At just 260 Kms from Delhi, The camps are accessible by NH58 that offers a convenient and fast approach time of just 5-6 hours flat.

There are 2 options depending on availability of time:

1. If you have just a couple of hours then go for only River Rafting packages. You will find a good numbers of shops near Lakshman Jhula offering dirt cheap rafting trips. The operators have inflatable rafts and vehicles that accompany you to a point beyond rishikesh and take you on a white water rafting expedition down the Ganges, which ends just 400 Mts short of Rishikesh. The rates vary with the rafting distance covered, and you can expect the cost to be between Rs.450/- to 800/- per person. While it is cool for those who are short on time, it is not the complete experience. The Rafts and Guides are often not up to the mark and try to finish the trip as soon as possible for business gains.

A word of advise: Don’t just jump into a raft just because the trip cost is less, it may turn fatal. Check if the guides are licensed and authorized to operate in the waters. Its better to play safe, than loose life over a few bucks. Click for details: River Rafting Day Tour Packages

2. For those who have a day or 2, its better to book a beach camp, where you can not only relax by the river, but also have a rafting experience you can really enjoy without any rush. Most beach camps offer standard 1 Night/2 Days and 2 Nights/3 Days Packages and the cost vary depending on the camp location, the rafting trip distance and the services available. One can expect the packages to Include All meals, Tea/ Coffee with Snacks, River Rafting Trip till Rishikesh and Bonfire. The facilities at beach camps vary per beach size and location. A good location and size is definitely a plus for a memorable experience.

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh – Options- Besides River Rafting, Beach Games and Trekking, some camps offer a lot of other activities like Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Rappelling, Bungee Jumping, Yoga, Meditation, Massage and short excursions to nearby places, which add to the richness of experience. On the whole Rishikesh offers more value for your money than any other location in North of India. It has everything you ask for.

The standard packages cost is anywhere between Rs.2000/- to Rs.6000/- per person and promise an unforgettable experience to adventure seekers. Before you book, check all that is included in the package, cause some camps have add on charges for the usual! Also, much depends on the location of the camp, the smaller the beach ground, the less the space and hence limited facilities. Very few beach camps have electricity, so one issue is that you often loose connectivity as cell phones die off.

1N2D Luxury Camp Package

2N3D Camping Rafting Package

1N2D Camping Rafting Package


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