Rishikesh Rafting Season

Rishikesh Rafting Season

River Rafting at Rishikesh is open from October and lasts till June. The occupancy anywhere is low during the weekdays and high during the weekends.

It is the time of the year when the river volume is low due to less temperature and the real reason for creation of White Water Rapids. Come June and the monsoons hit the Himalayas, raising the volume of the river and submerging the river side beaches.

Though River Rafting in Rishikesh is considered a summer time activity and most people wait for the scorching sun to drive them toward the water, worldwide it is a winter sport. The Camping season at Rishikesh runs low to a minimum in the months of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. By Feb last week you see a slight increase in holiday makers to this great destinations.

Now the big question: What is the best time to enjoy your adventure holidays in Rishikesh

Singles and Couples: If you are a couple and like your privacy then choose the time when you can have all the camp just to yourselves – Nov, Dec and Jan are great to sooth your soul with luxurious bonfire and bask in the warm winter sun. There will be no one to bother you and you get great services and attention from the staff too.

Families with Kids or Elderly: For families with Kids, October and March are 2 months because its neither too cold in the evenings, nor too hot in the mornings. These 2 months are perfect for all ages and if you are not going rafting, you may choose to play beach games or go trekking. Choose a weekday to make it an exclusive vacation for your family and please don’t carry your work with you.

Youngsters or Professionals: For people who like the crowd and don’t mind the heat or lower quality levels, the summer months April, May and June are equally good. Its better to book a trip in advance during the summers, as there is little availability otherwise. Remember to carry a cap, a good Sun Tan lotion and some mosquito repellent ( if you are staying in a jungle camp). The sands get heated up pretty quick and unless you are on a raft soaking up waves and crashing into rapids, its not advisable stay on the beach. By May end the sands are too hot by noon to even walk with shoes on.

Smart people: For people who are extremely choosy we suggest a period from Nov15th till Nov 30th and Feb 1st till Feb20th which is the time of season change and the perfect time of the year when you can relish the Sun and the shade, the day as well as the night to the fullest. The smart ones can book weekdays during this period and make the best of it with good discounts and by avoiding traffic hassles. Now that’s  smart thinking.

Also, before you book your holiday, check if the guides are licensed and qualified. Find out the details of facilities, activities and package inclusions. Compare the packages, prices and location before you book. There are a lot of options available.

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